Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Learn to Compound...on the Internet?

     I was surfing around looking for some interesting pharmacy related news to blog about when I came across this http://www.criticalpoint.info/index.php?option=com_content&view=frontpage&Itemid=1.
The skeptic in me immediately thought, "how can you possibly learn how to compound from the internet?" I realize these days you can take online courses in practically everything. I myself have taken several online courses for college, but this strikes me as something that would be more beneficial hands on. I remember in undergrad they offered Biology and Anatomy and Physiology online. For my chosen career path these were not acceptable courses to obtain the credits I needed. I had to take the live lectures and lab. If I had the chance to take the classes online I still would have decided against it.

      I looked around on the site a little and it seems to be a legitamate resource for sterile compounding training. The site  says, "CriticalPoint is the only training company that meets or exceeds all of the training (and testing) standards specified in USP <797>. Our flagship Course in Sterile Compounding plus The Virtual CompounderTM contain 42 lessons designed specifically to teach and reinforce the necessary skills.

All of our courses are written by leading industry
experts (including members of the <797> and NIOSH expert committees), and our courses always include the latest updates to the standards.
CriticalPoint courses are delivered over the Internet, offering convenient anytime/anywhere training. Our engaging, self-paced format makes it easy for your staff to learn and means that new hires don’t have to wait to get up and running. Plus, the testing after each lesson and our unique Virtual Compounder assure that your staff has mastered the required skills. Also, all of our courses are ACPE-approved, so your staff members receive the added benefit of earning up to 42 Continuing Education Credit Hours."

    This seems to me like a good resource for brushing up on compounding skills or reviewing some things you may have forgotten, but unless you work in a compounding facility or have a hood and clean room at your disposable you won't be able to get that hands-on experience. I for one need to actually do something before I grasp it entirely. I know even in PPL we do sterile compounding so rarely I feel like every time is the first time. I will say, though, I would love to play around with critical point's virtual compounder program!

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